Scope and advantages of our services:

Better Quality:

  • Reliable, certified partners and production facilities in:
    • Germany
    • Europe
    • North America
    • India
    • China
  • Alternative routes of synthesis
  • Higher purities
  • Less impurities

More Reliable Delivery:

  • Storage in Germany
  • Shorter delivery periods
  • Set up and evaluation of a reliable 2nd or 3rd source of delivery
  • Approval of delivered goods in a GMP certified laboratory
  • No production bottlenecks thanks to reliable alternative sources of delivery

Improved Processes:

  • Development of new synthesis routes
  • Cooperation with research laboratories
  • Delivery of samples up to any delivery in the metric ton range
  • Development and production of new intermediates

Lower Cost:

  • More competition because of alternative sources of delivery
  • Lower purification costs thanks to higher purities
  • Lower freight costs thanks to storage in Germany
  • Optimization of the tension triangle: Quality – Availability – Price

Market Research / General Services:

  • Evaluation of market potentials
  • Search for and evaluation of offers
  • Case-to-case analysis of products in a GMP certified laboratory
  • Consulting in the field of pharmaceutical production
  • Preparation of Drug Master Files
  • Implementation of REACH legislation
  • Absolute discretion!

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